11 Feb. 2019
17 Years Service life without interruption

Dutch river containervessel BOLERO (135x17,5x5,5m) established (again)a new record.
The ship, outfitted in 2003 at Druten, now after 16 years (!) of flawless operation her waterlub shaft system achieved more than 96.000 hours without maintenance.

Already back in 2013 a milestone was achieved when the Lloyds inspector granted the ship-owner for the 2nd time to postpone the compulsory periodic shaft withdrawal inspection, because similar to 5 years earlier, the Maprom GS Seals of the closed lub system were still performing excellent and during testing there was no leakage and the measured wear on the Maprom bearings was negligible.

By establishing new records like this (the BOLERO is not the only one on its kind) Maprom water lubricated propeller shaft systems prove to be a cost-friendly alternative for knowledgeable owners who choose not to use polluting oil-and grease-lubricated systems any longer.  For seawater MAPROM designed their closed water lubricated system that works on clean, constantly circulating fresh water not necessarily needing expensive additives.

Exactly one of the reasons why e.g. CHEMGAS is working with MAPROM for decades as a standard and on their vessels and again will implement them on their new to build sea tankers.

Green and Smart!