Maprom Water-Lubricated Bearings

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Our water-lubricated bearings are recognized to be the best in the market, characterized by a low coëfficient of friction and their inherent vibration dampening.


  • Optimum water-lubrication
  • Reduced  vibration
  • Easy bearing installation/withdrawal with shaft & propeller in place
  • No additives, only (sea) water, pollution free
Johnson bearing
Demountable rubber stave bearing

“We believe in quality first, for example: Dutch Veerhaven V push boat’s system already has an uninterrupted life time of over 240.000 running hours (> 29 years) on originally installed NCB shaft liners and demountable stave bearings.”

Our range

  • MAPROM demountable stave bearings combine the performance of precision-fitted bearings, rugged simplicity, and inherent advantages of a rubber water-lubricated system. It is made up of keystone-sided molded solid nitrile staves, precision-fitted to the shaft journal. When installed, the staves form a self-locking cylindrical bearing for a round bore housing. The system provides improved water lubrication, improved shaft alignment, suppression of resonant vibration and minimizes transference of vibration to ship’s structure. Bearing replacement can be done safely and quickly without shaft withdrawal.
  • MAPROM Arctic bearings with excellent friction performance and minimal deflection properties manufactured particularly for CPP driven vessels, mostly used on Navy vessels and world’s largest ice breakers.
  • MAPROM Ultra Low Friction stave bearings guaranteeing the lowest bearing system wear at highest loads and lowest shaft rpm are successfully used on cutter dredger applications, CPP driven vessels and highly loaded bearings system applications.
  • MAPROM PA Bearings for clean water lubricated applications and zero noise acoustic signature performance at both the lowest and highest shaft speeds. These bearings are used on sub-surface navy vessels.
  • MAPROM rubber lined sleeve and flange bearings in Naval brass or non-metallic execution especially for use in abrasive laden water and successfully used on many inland and seagoing merchant vessels.

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