Inland Shipping

Increased waterway traffic is so important because it is not only cost-effective, it also makes for a more sustainable transport network.  

On April 8, 2014 the Dutch inland container vessel BOLERO, (135 X 17,50 X 5.50), equipped with a Lloyds approved water lubricated propeller shaft with 3 bearing per shaft and designed for 2 X 1324 kW CAT engines @ 1600 Rpm and 320 rpm propeller speed, again set a new milestone for environmental SOUND water lubricated propeller shaft systems that Maprom Engineering is renowned for.

Dutch Lloyds Register inspector granted the ship-owner to postpone the compulsory periodic shaft withdrawal inspection The water lubricated Maprom seals of the closed system still were performing excellent after 70.000 working hours and during testing they were without any noticeable leakage. Additionally the measured wear on the bearings was negligible.

Companies and Vessels

  • Mejana
  • Valencia
  • Bolero
  • Felicitas
  • ArcCiel
  • Water lubricated shaft seal
  • Jowi
  • Felicitasnw
  • Water lubricated stern tube seal
  • Mejanadroog

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