Push boats and Tugs

They handle the toughest conditions whether in the harbor or at the terminal. For more than 50 years Maprom has been providing propulsion systems to customers like you around the world; meeting the most critical needs and providing longer maintenance intervals, so more uptime.

ThyssenKrupp Veerhaven: “In a year a Veerhaven push boat typically logs about 8,000 running hours. Our Veerhaven V has clocked over 245.000 running hours on a single set of Maprom bearings.”

Cargoline Asuncion January 2016: “It is extremely hot and rainy down here for weeks. We are very satisfied with the decision of having Maprom systems on both new boats. We have not received a single comment from Captain. The extra cost worth the investment. While many other companies are not operating, we have increased business transporting fuel and grains more efficiently.”

Companies and Vessels

  • Veerhaven-VII
  • Mercure-301
  • Veerhaven-III
  • Arctic
  • Veerhaven-IV
  • Water lubricated propeller shaft seal
  • Water lubricated propeller shaft bearing
  • VH-III
  • Toba
  • Hector
  • Waterbuffel
  • NuarB
  • VH-IV
  • RobertDavid
  • Libra
  • Veerhaven-XI
  • Vauban
  • Veerhaven-XI
  • Veerhaven-IX
  • Veerhaven-X

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