As a Dutch company, dredging technology is in our DNA. Next door world’s best dredging and offshore engineers are available and so the Maprom cuttershaft bearing and MK separator were developed.

Low wear rates and easy interchangeability of spares are important factors on a Cutter Shaft Dredger (CSD). Our cutter shaft bearing consist of specially formulated nitrile rubber and offers the possibility of bearing change without shaft removal. Bearing size range: diameter from 60mm up to any size.

Amongst our long-term customers are van Oord, Boskalis, Vosta LMG, IHC and Damen Dredging.

Companies and Vessels

  • Ham318
  • Csd650
  • Csd
  • Haltern
  • Csd1
  • Csd2
  • Csd3
  • Csd4
  • Tshd

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