Since the 60’s Maprom is supplier and partner of European Naval shipbuilding groups and therefore created longstanding value. These groups are global high-tech companies and use their extra-ordinary know-how and unique industrial resources to meet their clients’ requirement.

They enjoyed success by building most modern frigates and obtain shockproof references on the naval defense market. Therefore they rely on a supplier who are asset to the group and help them create improvements by innovation and sharing know-how.

Some of our references

  • FREMM European multi-purpose frigates
  • Horizon-class frigates
  • LaFayette-class frigates
  • Zr.MS. Karel Doorman JSS
  • Galicia-class LPD’s
  • Scorpène-class submarines
  • HMS Ocean

Companies and Vessels

  • Shock proof seal
  • L16
  • Open water lubricated propeller shaft
  • Fremm1
  • Aircraftcar
  • L17
  • F360
  • L17es
  • Forbin
  • L714
  • Fremmd653
  • Hmsocean
  • Non metallic bearing
  • Amsterdam
  • Snubbear
  • Fremm650
  • Lafay
  • M858
  • Forbin620
  • Nim
  • Kareld
  • Ando

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