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A Maprom water-lubricated propeller shaft system operates in either open- or closed- stern tube layout. Unlike others, Maprom systems function well with fresh water, seawater and/or brackish water. Additives against freezing may be used (subject to Maprom recommendation) but are not necessary and thus environmentally sound systems are guaranteed. Maprom water-lubricated stern tube systems are widely and successfully used in both inland and sea going vessels, ranging in shaft standard diameter from 85 up to 1050 mm and beyond.

Various propeller systems

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  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Maximum durability and reliability
  • Environment-safe and cost-effective
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  • Lower “Total Cost of Ownership”
  • State of the art 3D design software & whirling alignment software
Water lubricated propeller shafts
Propeller shaft system

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Water-lubricated propeller systems

Different conditions require different approaches.

  • Water lubricated propeller A-bracket


    In an A-bracket, outboard water lubricates the bearing system, either by natural flow or by force feeding. Especially for abrasive inland river conditions we recommend the use of 60 Rc hard coated Maprom NCB shaft sleeves shrink fitted over the propeller shaft, as counter running surface for the bearings to guarantee optimal life times.

  • Water lubricated propeller Open System

    Open systems

    In open systems the same bearings and shaft liners are recommended. In addition Maprom forward stern tube seals are mounted including a simple, but reliable, lubrication system. For highly abrasive river conditions we recommend maintenance free and non-clogging Maprom MK Separators.

  • Water lubricated propeller Closed System

    Closed systems

    Mounting both Maprom forward GS- and aft GS-seal on either end of the stern tube creates the by Maprom introduced closed water-lubricated systems. These systems have been used since the beginning of the 70-ties. In closed systems our bearings and NCB liners have achieved operational life time in excess of 245.000 running hours.

    The system, however, requires an on-board lubrication tank. In closed systems, the risk for shaft-corrosion is less. The use of constant and controlled quality fresh water for lubrication, with or without additives, enables the installation of simpler (bronze e.g.) shaft liners. Closed systems show lower total system wear and consequently longer life times of the bearings and seals than open sea or river water-lubricated systems. The main difference is the use of aft seals fitted between the propeller and the stern tube. Additionally a water quality package is installed to provide clean lubricating water to the seal and bearings.

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