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50 Years Green Technology

Because of our early expertise in open and closed water-lubricated propeller shaft systems, we have all data and tools available for our skilled engineers to design premium combinations following latest classification rules and improve efficiency.

Our in-house research and development of the Maprom GS shaft seal and Maprom bearing materials complement our expertise as a total package partner.

Our designs create lowest “total cost of ownership” 100% environmental safe sustainable systems.

Whirling alignment calculation

Complete package

Maprom offers a complete package:

  • Individual design
  • Propeller shaft with Maprom bearings,  Maprom seals etc.
  • The Maprom NCB hard coated liners
  • State of the art shaft calculations such as whirling alignment, gap-sag
  • The MK separator to remove abrasive particles
  • Shaft monitoring equipment
  • Total propulsion package including propeller in collaboration with high-end propeller designers and manufacturers.
  • Stern tubes for FPP or CPP systems
  • Water lub quality systems

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