With over 50 years of experience in water-lubricated propeller shaft solutions, Maprom’s references are numerous for marine and dredging applications all over the world. The highest performance, latest generation frigates use Maprom water-lubricated bearings, as well as the most powerful nuclear ice-breakers, but also sophisticated Super yachts are equipped with Maprom designed shaft solutions. For exploring arctic waters under severe ice conditions, Maprom developed the GS Polar Shaft Seal, classified by registers to be technically superior.

The Maprom system is the only 100% Simply Water system!

No useless, polluting and expensive (EAL) liquids are added, just (sea)water does the job; even the toughest job!

Owners and operators specify the Maprom shaft system because of its proven reliability in a world of green technology. It is the true sustainable solution reducing Total Cost of Ownership.