Ships operating in the Arctic and Antarctic environments are exposed to a number of unique risks. Poor weather conditions and the relative lack of good charts, communication systems and other navigational aids pose challenges for mariners. The remoteness of the areas makes rescue or clean-up operations difficult and costly. Cold temperatures may reduce the effectiveness of numerous components of the ship, ranging from deck machinery and emergency equipment to sea water inlets. When ice is present, it can impose additional loads on the hull, propulsion system and appendages.

Since 30 years world’s greatest ice-breakers as the nuclear-powered Arktika-class, Taymyr and Vaigach are equipped with Maprom waterlubricated bearings.

The Maprom GS Polar Seal was especially designed for Arctic conditions and elected by design bureaus to be superior compared to other water-lubricated seals operating in harsh environments.

Companies and Vessels

  • Asrv
  • Taymyr
  • Profdry
  • Icebreaker
  • Profmol
  • Capdry
  • Icebr
  • Mikheev
  • Ru1
  • Taym
  • Taymyir
  • Icebreak
  • Seatrial
  • Taymur
  • Vaig
  • Ice
  • Vaytay

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